An important activity of the Foundation is to provide subsidies to academics. Here follow formalities and conditions to be observed by applicants for a subsidy.

Projects to be subsidized by the Foundation should have an evident connection to the Foundation`s fields of interest as mentioned in the homepage. Travel grants to and from The Netherlands can also be subsidized. The projects should have a clear link with Dutch scientific or academic activities.

Applications should be written in any major European language, preferably in Dutch or in English, according to the requirements here stated. Applications can be submitted by e-mail only. Enclosures should be added as electronic attachments.

The applicant for a subsidy should have completed his/her academic education (MA degree at least).

Subsidies are given for specific purposes and in the form of a lump-sum grant. Except in very special cases, the amount of a grant does not exceed € 5000.

However, the Foundation may stipulate, at its discretion, that money will only be paid after the publication of a certain book or after the completion of a certain project. In such a case the Foundation may give a guarantee for the maximum amount allotted, and will only make a payment after the actual costs have been established or after the actual appearance of a book or other type of publication. Such a guarantee is valid for not longer than two (2) years, from the date it was given.

Each application should contain a clear estimate of expenses and other sources or funds. If a subsidy is requested for costs such as publishing, travel, etc., copies of original quotations for such costs should be enclosed. If matching funds are requested, the budget of the entire project should be enclosed. If the product or result of a project will somehow generate income, an estimate of this should be included in the proposed budget of the project for which a subsidy is requested.

The Foundation does not provide a subsidy for costs already incurred or money already paid.
If subsidy is requested for a publication the applicant should submit the publisher`s budget for that publication, by which it becomes clear how the amount of the subsidy requested has been calculated. Any income generating from a publication should be taken into account in this calculation.

In The Netherlands there are many funds for all sorts of projects. The Foundation Oosters Instituut preferably subsidizes projects or persons who are not eligible for subsidies from other sources. The applicant may be asked to explain whether this is the case.
Each application should contain a CV of the applicant, containing his/her personal information, relevant career details and a (select) list of publications. The application should also contain two academic references. At least one of these references must be by others than members of the board of the Foundation.

Applications will be reviewed within six months after reception by the Board.

Successful applicants take upon themselves to write a short project report at the end of their project, which may be included in the Foundation`s website.

A negative decision on the application cannot be subject to correspondence between applicant and Foundation.

Details to be included in any application:
– Name of the project.
– Name, address and bank account of applicant.
– Description of the nature and importance of the research.
– Reasons why the project should be subsidized by the Foundation.
– Financial details.
– CV of the applicant, with career details and list of publications.
– Names and electronic addresses of two academic references.

Send the application with all enclosures attached to the Foundation`s secretary.